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About Jorge

Who We Are

Sumpa Trip is a travel and tour agency offering unforgettable adventures in Ecuador. Our activities are focused in Santa Elena and Manabí, two provinces linked by the coastal road known as the Ruta del Spondylus.

Sumpa Trip Founder Jorge Luis Cholango has 8 years’ experience in the tourism industry. He spent 3 years managing Montañita’s most established travel and tour agency before founding Sumpa Trip, one of very few locally owned agencies on the Ruta del Spondylus. Using his local knowledge, Jorge has handpicked a network of trusted tour operators who provide the best experiences this amazing region has to offer.

As a dedicated surfer and qualified surf instructor, Jorge loves to share his number one passion with wave riders of all levels, from complete beginners to advanced athletes. Jorge is also a salsa teacher, bird guide and chef. He studied Hospitality & Tourism at university and is a fluent English speaker.

Jorge’s mission is to share the best of his beautiful home country with visitors from all over the world. Be prepared: his positivity and enthusiasm are contagious!

Why Choose Sumpa Trip?

All Sumpa Trip tours include door-to-door service from friendly, safe and professional drivers who will collect you from your accommodation, wait whilst you complete the tour and drive you back afterwards,

Jorge only works with trusted operators who are carefully selected for their high quality service, integrity and attention to health and safety. This is reflected in Sumpa Trip’s online reviews, 86% of which are 5* (our Tripadvisor reviews can be viewed here; Facebook reviews here).

Sumpa Trip offers a more personal service than other agencies in the area. Jorge goes out of his way to ensure that every customer has a safe, fun and memorable experience.

Why ‘Sumpa’?

Sumpa Trip was named in honour of our ancestors, the Las Vegas people, who flourished on the coast from 8800 to 4600 BC and were the earliest Ecuadorian culture. ‘Sumpa’ was name given by the Las Vegas people to the town of Santa Elena, the modern-day capital of the province of the same name. Santa Elena is also the ancient burial site for the Lovers of Sumpa, who were found apparently embracing each other. The Lovers have been called the Romeo & Juliet of Ecuador and have served as a source of information for sculptors, poets, and musicians from all over the world.